Better Homes and Gardens Atomic Clock with Forecast


Be ready for the day with the Better Homes and Gardens Atomic Clock with Forecast. This device comes with important features to provide information you need to know. The weather forecast clock wirelessly gives you the outdoor temperature, so you know whether to bring a coat or wear flip-flops. It has a self-setting atomic time and date for the best accuracy. It automatically resets for daylight savings’ time. The Better Homes and Gardens clock is battery operated, so it will have the correct time after black outs or power surges. This time-keeper gives you the ability to be prepared for almost anything. All you have to do is take a glance, and you will be set for the day.

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<b>Better Homes and Gardens Atomic Clock with Forecast:</b><ul><li>Weather forecasting</li><li>Self-setting atomic time and date</li><li>Wireless outdoor temperature</li><li>Weather forecast clock is accurate to the second</li><li>Resets automatically after daylight savings time</li><li>Battery operated (batteries not included)</li></ul>


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