Bai Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock, Titanium


Bai’s Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock in Titanium features Bai’s exclusive Lift-light and Lift-snooze technology that lights up and automatically cuts to snooze when picked up or tilted. This makes it very convenient to set the alarm, as well as knowing what time it is when the alarm goes off. The analog alarm clock features a nite glow dial and metal hands. The Bai Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock features a matching orange alarm pointer, alarm on/off button and a luminous dial and hands. Fitted with a compact and quality German UTS quartz movement that is extremely quiet. Its one-button design on the back is designed so it won’t be confused with the time-setting button, which is hidden inside the battery compartment.

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<br><b>Bai Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock, Titanium:</b><ul><li>Built-in light bulb that lights up when picked up or tilted</li><li>Features a luminous dial and luminous hands</li><li>Quality quartz movement with 4-step progressive alarm volume increase</li><li>Matching orange alarm pointer and alarm on/off button</li><li>Molded ABS casing</li><li>Quartz alarm clock, titanium features acrylic lens</li><li>Gift boxed</li><li>Requires 1 AA battery to operate</li></ul>


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